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Carbohydrates in Entrees

DescriptionPer 100g Serving SizePer Serving
Entrees, crab cake8.52g cake5.11g
Entrees, fish fillet, battered or breaded, and fried16.97g fillet15.44g
Entrees, pizza with cheese32.54g pizza (12" dia)163.68g
Entrees, pizza with cheese32.54g slice20.50g
Entrees, pizza with cheese, meat, and vegetables26.95g pizza (12" dia)170.05g
Entrees, pizza with cheese, meat, and vegetables26.95g slice21.29g
Entrees, pizza with pepperoni27.98g pizza (12" dia)158.65g
Entrees, pizza with pepperoni27.98g slice19.87g

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