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Carbohydrates in Fish oil

DescriptionPer 100g Serving SizePer Serving
Fish oil, cod liver0.00g 1tsp0.00g
Fish oil, cod liver0.00g cup0.00g
Fish oil, cod liver0.00g tbsp0.00g
Fish oil, herring0.00g cup0.00g
Fish oil, herring0.00g tbsp0.00g
Fish oil, herring0.00g 1tsp0.00g
Fish oil, menhaden0.00g tbsp0.00g
Fish oil, menhaden0.00g 1tsp0.00g
Fish oil, menhaden0.00g cup0.00g
Fish oil, menhaden, fully hydrogenated0.00g cup0.00g
Fish oil, menhaden, fully hydrogenated0.00g tbsp0.00g
Fish oil, menhaden, fully hydrogenated0.00g 1tsp0.00g
Fish oil, salmon0.00g tbsp0.00g
Fish oil, salmon0.00g 1tsp0.00g
Fish oil, salmon0.00g cup0.00g
Fish oil, sardine0.00g cup0.00g
Fish oil, sardine0.00g tbsp0.00g
Fish oil, sardine0.00g 1tsp0.00g

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