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Carbohydrates in Melons

DescriptionPer 100g Serving SizePer Serving
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g wedge, medium (1/8 of medium melon)5.63g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g cup, cubes13.06g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g melon, small (about 4-1/4" dia)35.99g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g cup, diced12.73g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g wedge, small (1/8 of small melon)4.49g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g melon, large (about 6-1/2" dia)66.42g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g cantaloupe balls11.26g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g wedge, large (1/8 of large melon)8.32g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g melon, medium (about 5" dia)45.04g
Melons, cantaloupe, raw8.16g cup, balls14.44g
Melons, casaba, raw6.58g fruit10.79g
Melons, casaba, raw6.58g cup, cubes11.19g
Melons, casaba, raw6.58g melon107.91g
Melons, honeydew, raw9.09g wedge (1/8 of 5-1/4" dia melon)11.36g
Melons, honeydew, raw9.09g wedge (1/8 of 6" to 7" dia melon)14.54g
Melons, honeydew, raw9.09g cup, balls16.09g
Melons, honeydew, raw9.09g honeydew balls12.54g
Melons, honeydew, raw9.09g cup, diced (approx 20 pieces per cup)15.45g
Melons, honeydew, raw9.09g melon (5-1/4" dia)90.90g
Melons, honeydew, raw9.09g melon (6" - 7" dia)116.35g

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