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Low Carb Bread

Low carb diets are supposed to be easy to follow, right? Well, for the most part, this is absolutely true. However, no matter how great you think low carb dieting is, it too has to follow the rules of the universe: where there's an up side there's always a down. Low carb dieting's "down" side is the lack of every day bread!

Low Carb Bread from Low Carb Bread Recipes

low carb bread

The basis of any good bread is flour. Unfortunately, this flour is the source of concentrated carbohydrates. So it makes sense to replace this flour with a low carb alternative, thereby giving us our low carb bread

Here're some flour alternatives for low carb bread baking, that shouldn't be too hard to get hold of:

  • Soy flour. High in protein and fiber
  • Litesse. Available packaged as "Atkins Diet Bake Mix". This product also contains soy flour and oat fiber.

Ready-made Low Carb Bread

Thankfully, there are now loads of low carb breads on the market by many different manufacturers, keeping prices relatively low. It's even possible to get extremely low carb bread. In fact net zero carb bread! These breads use soy flour, rye flour and sugar substitutes for sweetness such as Splenda.

Low GI bread

If you still aren't convinced you can enjoy low carb breads and you really still crave normal bread made from normal flour, then try selecting a bread that is as natural as possible.

This means no refined white flour breads. Select wholemeal whole grain breads that will fall lower on the glycemic index. These are not necessarily low carb bread, but if you look at the sugar content then it should be lower than standard white bread. These breads will release glucose into your blood stream at a slower rate and are often healthier than white bread anyway.

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