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Carbohydrates in Ice Creams

DescriptionPer 100g Serving SizePer Serving
Ice creams, chocolate28.20g individual (3.5 fl oz)16.36g
Ice creams, chocolate28.20g cup (4 fl oz)18.61g
Ice creams, chocolate, rich20.75g cup30.71g
Ice creams, chocolate, rich20.75g cubic inch2.12g
Ice creams, french vanilla, soft-serve22.20g cup (4 fl oz)19.09g
Ice Creams, HEALTHY CHOICE Praline and Caramel35.21g cup (4 fl oz)25.00g
Ice creams, strawberry27.60g cup (4 fl oz)18.22g
Ice creams, strawberry27.60g individual (3.5 fl oz)16.01g
Ice creams, vanilla23.60g cup16.99g
Ice creams, vanilla, light26.73g cup19.51g
Ice creams, vanilla, light, no sugar added18.90g cup (4 fl oz)12.29g
Ice creams, vanilla, light, soft-serve21.80g cup (4 fl oz)19.18g
Ice creams, vanilla, rich22.29g cup23.85g

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