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Carbohydrates in Toppings

DescriptionPer 100g Serving SizePer Serving
Toppings, butterscotch or caramel65.90g tbsp27.02g
Toppings, marshmallow cream79.00g oz22.36g
Toppings, marshmallow cream79.00g jar156.42g
Toppings, nuts in syrup58.08g cup190.50g
Toppings, nuts in syrup58.08g tbsp23.81g
Toppings, pineapple66.40g tbsp27.89g
Toppings, pineapple66.40g cup225.76g
Toppings, strawberry66.30g tbsp27.85g
Toppings, strawberry66.30g cup225.42g

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