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Carbohydrates in Pickle

DescriptionPer 100g Serving SizePer Serving
Pickle relish, hamburger34.48g tbsp5.17g
Pickle relish, hamburger34.48g cup42.07g
Pickle relish, hot dog23.35g tbsp3.50g
Pickle relish, hot dog23.35g cup28.49g
Pickle relish, sweet35.05g cup85.87g
Pickle relish, sweet35.05g tbsp5.26g
Pickle relish, sweet35.05g packet (2/3 tbsp)3.51g
Pickle, cucumber, sour2.26g spear0.68g
Pickle, cucumber, sour2.26g cup3.50g
Pickle, cucumber, sour2.26g large (4" long)3.05g
Pickle, cucumber, sour2.26g medium (3-3/4" long)1.47g
Pickle, cucumber, sour2.26g slice0.16g
Pickle, cucumber, sour2.26g small0.84g
Pickle, cucumber, sour, low sodium2.26g large (4" long)3.05g
Pickle, cucumber, sour, low sodium2.26g medium (3-3/4" long)1.47g
Pickle, cucumber, sour, low sodium2.26g slice0.14g
Pickle, cucumber, sour, low sodium2.26g small0.84g
Pickle, cucumber, sour, low sodium2.26g cup, chopped or diced3.23g
Pickle, cucumber, sour, low sodium2.26g spear0.68g
Pickle, cucumber, sour, low sodium2.26g cup (about 23 slices)3.50g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet31.81g spear Gherkin6.36g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet31.81g large Gherkin (3" long)11.13g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet31.81g Gherkin (2-3/4" long)7.95g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet31.81g midget Gherkin (2-1/8" long)1.91g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet31.81g slice2.23g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet31.81g cup, chopped50.90g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet31.81g small Gherkin (2-1/2" long)4.77g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet31.81g cup, sliced54.08g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet, low sodium31.81g slice1.91g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet, low sodium31.81g small4.77g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet, low sodium31.81g cup, chopped or diced50.90g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet, low sodium31.81g cup, sliced54.08g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet, low sodium31.81g large11.13g
Pickle, cucumber, sweet, low sodium31.81g medium11.13g
Pickles, chowchow, with cauliflower onion mustard, sweet27.00g cup66.15g
Pickles, cucumber, dill4.12g slice0.29g
Pickles, cucumber, dill4.12g small1.52g
Pickles, cucumber, dill4.12g cup, chopped or diced5.89g
Pickles, cucumber, dill4.12g spear1.24g
Pickles, cucumber, dill4.12g cup (about 23 slices)6.39g
Pickles, cucumber, dill4.12g large (4" long)5.56g
Pickles, cucumber, dill4.12g medium (3-3/4" long)2.68g
Pickles, cucumber, dill, low sodium4.13g slice0.25g
Pickles, cucumber, dill, low sodium4.13g medium2.68g
Pickles, cucumber, fresh, (bread and butter pickles)17.90g cup30.43g
Pickles, cucumber, fresh, (bread and butter pickles)17.90g slice1.43g

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