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Low Carb Desserts

Low carb desserts are becoming more readily available for the low carber as the industry strives to cater for our low carb taste buds. Even savory food lovers, like myself, sometimes just want something sweet tasting for a bit of variety or contrast, if nothing else. It seems just plain wrong not to have some sort of tasty cake etc when celebrating someone's birthday or as a self awarded gift for a hard day at the office. There's no reason why these can't be low carb desserts.

Low carb desserts are an often a tragically overlooked part of most low carb plans. If you do have a sweet tooth, rest assured that being on a low carb diet doesn't mean desserts are off the menu for good. Low carb desserts do exist and are awaiting your approval.

Sugar Free Low Carb Desserts

When thinking about low carb desserts, we really have to be aware of refined flours and sugar. Both of these can be cut out completely, or simply reduced to make some great low carb desserts.

Remember that you are allowed a bit of a treat and depending on the diet phase you're in, you don't need to follow the restrictions down to the last letter. Just be sensible.

Instead of using pure sugar, natural sweeteners are often used. Some artificial sweeteners may interfere with your low carb diet and therefore they should be used sparingly in your low carb desserts.

Saccharin dates back to the 1900s and became widely used in the 1950s. The product Sugar Twin Spoonable is most often used for baking purposes in low carb desserts. There are however health concerns regarding the use of Saccharins in that it may increase the potency of cancer causing chemicals and could potentially cause harm to a fetus. As always, proceed with caution until these concerns have been resolved.

Avoid Aspartame, a sugar substitute often used in drinks. The main producer, Neutrasweet, do however indicate that it's not very well suited to baking as it looses its sweetness when exposed to heat for long periods. However one does assume that it could be used in cold low carb desserts.

For baking in low carb desserts Sucralose is probably the best choice. Sucralose is a derivative of sugar and in terms of sweet taste, it can be substituted for common sugar without problem or need for converting quantities and measurements. Sucralose is currently marketed under the name of Splenda. It is great for low carb desserts and diets as it only contains 0.9g of carbohydrates. That's over 4 times less that a tsp of normal sugar. As Sucralose is a synthetic chemical, it is still largely unknown if any side effects exist and as such, its use should be used in moderation.

Ready Made Low Carb Desserts

Low carb desserts can most commonly be found and ordered from the internet. Unfortunately, they're not that common in normal shopping stores just yet. However, online, you can just about find any low carb dessert you desire.

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