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Tracking Your Low Carb Diet

On any low carb diet, it is essential that you keep track of your progress, your carb intake and your weight to ensure success. Only then can you fine tune your diet to your personal needs and achieve optimum results. Sadly, however, I actually believe this is one of the most common reasons why so many low carb'ers fail in their quest to lose enough weight, and then keep it off.

Keeping track of your weight loss diet is not easy. To do it properly is time consuming and involves more than just recording your weight and carb intake on a daily basis. If you've ever been to a professional dietician, you'll know what I mean!

The next problem is how to actually use all this information you've recorded to your best advantage. The "easiest" way to do this is by creating graphs. A load of numbers on a page are normally pretty meaningless to the majority of us mere-mortal human beings. After converting the jumble of numbers into a nice graph, it is much much easier to appreciate what's actually going on with a diet. When looking at the graphs, people will quite often notice surprising results that weren't apparent just by looking at plain numbers. But who wants to be spending valuable time creating graphs with the care that's needed? Not me, for one!

So what's the easiest way to track your diet properly and with ease? Well, if you haven't tried diet support software yet - now is the time! Good software makes tracking your diet so easy and affective. Until recently most diet software has been based on traditional "low fat diets." Obviously, this isn't going to be of too much use to a good low carber. Times have changed, however, and now there are some excellent pieces of software that are perfect for tracking low carb diets. The other great bit of news is that there's enough competition between software companies, fighting for recognition in the "low carb software market", and that keeps software prices low.

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